Ten Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare

Enough is enough. The time is passed. It’s time for American families to declare their tipping point on wasteful overspending on healthcare. 

My family did, and we saved more than $1,000 a month as soon as we did.  How do you declare your tipping point? Become an EHC – an Engaged Healthcare Consumer. The savings are immediate. 

In fact, when you download and implement the Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare offered through our non-profit foundation, you’ll get easy, practical tips to immediately start saving significant dollars for your family. Also, should you decide to accept our challenge to complete the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool (PHSRT), we can then identify if your family qualifies for the Foundation’s $5,000 annual savings guarantee or your money back.  That’s right, it’s guaranteed! 

If you are single, we guarantee$1,000 savings in the initial year.  Or your money back. 

After my family and I became Engaged Healthcare Consumers, I learned there was an entire movement taking place nationally of business and church leaders, as well as individuals and families who have had enough of overspending on a broken healthcare system.  So we put our heads together and formed the Health-Wealth Foundation which created the Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare. And all of our preferred partners on the Healthcare Savings Reduction Portal at www.SpendLessOnHealthcare.org offer discounted rates or vouchers for individuals who have completed the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool (PHSRT).

Some of the ten tips may seem trivial to you, others may be new concepts.  But all ten are turn-key, easy to implement, and can yield immediate savings for your family.  Over the next few months I will be sharing an article on each of the ten tips in detail. You can wait and keep yourself in suspense or you can download them today by texting the word “JOSH” to 72000. It’s that simple, text “JOSH” to 72000 and we will send you a downloadable link for the Ten Tips List and a video walking you through teach of them. 

In 2018 the average American family spent more than $23,000 accessing healthcare, and that’s before ever seeing a doctor or filling a single prescription. That’s $23,000 for the right to have health coverage. Yikes!  And much of that is wasteful as our delivery model is far from efficient. 

You might be thinking, “I don’t think my family is spending quite that much. Are you sure? 

If you get paid twice a month and your employer withholds $750 per pay period (average household), then you are spending approximately $1,500 a month for your share of the policy plus a $5,000 deductible (average household)…well, that’s $23,000.  

You can do better. Most Americans think we are stuck with this broken, over-expensive system. Year after year your family budget is broken by wasting $5,000 or more, enough to buy a new car every year, on mediocre health insurance. 

The time to push back is now. Become an EHC. 

Tips to become and Engaged Healthcare Consumer (EHC): 

  1. Text “JOSH” to 72000 to get the immediate download of Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare
  2. Once you review the Ten Tips, take three minutes to complete the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool (PHSRT) and see if you qualify for the $5,000 savings guarantee
  3. Visit the www.SpendLessonHealthcare.org Partners Portal to view our vetted, proven, preferred partners that have continually  helped families save money on healthcare 
  4. If you are a reader, check out my book Health-Wealth for You on Amazon, the Kindle version is $.99. Our Foundation proceeds benefit Alzheimer’s Charities. 

Thanks for reading and start saving today!