At Sedera, we believe that the best health care happens when doctors and patients have a direct relationship. Direct Primary Care doctors are an incredible example of this, but direct care also includes diagnostic clinics and surgery centers, among others. Here are just a few of the reasons we think direct care is the best care:

  • Doctors have time to fully learn about their patients (rather than a fee for service model where doctors are financially incentivized to facilitate fewer and shorter visits in a single day)
  • Prices are clear, transparent, and usually way more affordable
  • DPCs often offer discounted or at cost labs, x-rays, and medications, as well as same or next-day appointments
  • Patients often have a doctor who cares for their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing

To help all our Members connect with direct care, we have created the Direct Care Finder Map. It is now live on our website so check it out and see if there is a Direct Primary Care practice or surgery center near you.