Complete the Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool and Save $5,000 in year one

One of the primary motivations to create the Spend Less on Healthcare website and not-for-profit foundation was to provide a resource for Americans to get a fact-based opinion on their personal healthcare spending situation. We are pleased to share that we have been successful in accomplishing this goal.

Thus, the tenth tip in the Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare is to complete the online Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool. It’s two easy steps. First, answer two-to-three minutes worth of questions, and as you answer each question you will be given pointers and advice on how to spend less. Second, upon completion, find out immediately if you and your family qualify for the $5,000 annual savings guarantee. That’s it! If you qualify for the $5,000 annual guarantee you will then have the option of paying $49 to get the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Plan. Should you choose to order the plan you will get an email within an hour with a personal health spending plan.

It’s that easy! It just takes a few minutes. Once complete, your family starts saving immediately. We are so confident it will work for you and every other family that we offer a money back guarantee that your family will save $5,000 in the first year.

You can find the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction tool online at And if you have not already received the complete list of Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare please text the word “JOSH” to 72000 for an immediate download. 

The questions you will be asked which allow our team of experts to offer you personal recommendations based on your answers include, but are not limited to:

  • What is your family or personal monthly share of cost for health insurance? 
  • Which health plan or carrier are you or your family with?
  • Do you have a Health Savings account and what is the annual contribution? 
  • On average, how much do you spend monthly on prescriptions? (including your children)
  • Approximately when was your last physical?
  • Any chronic diseases or conditions in your immediate family (including your children)? 
  • Any chronic diseases or conditions in your parents’ families? Please list each
  • Is anyone in the family diabetes or pre-diabetic
  • Is anyone in the family on any long-term medications? 
  • Please list any upcoming surgeries, procedures or exams any member of your family may need to schedule in the next 12 months.
  • Have you completed a DNA test or genome sequencing and if so, which provider did you use? 
  • Have you completed a personal gut or microbiome test and if so, which provider did you use?
  • Have you ever used a telehealth application for a physician consult?

By answering these questions and a few more the Spend Less on Healthcare team will generate a Personal Health Spending Reduction Plan for you and your family. Most people who complete the tool will find out immediately if they qualify for the $5,000 annual savings guarantee in the first year. 

As you learn about each of the Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare and read Health-Wealth for You by founder Dr. Josh Luke, you learn that the key to health savings is in becoming an EHC – an Engaged Healthcare Consumer.  Becoming an EHC requires a personal focus on personalized and preventative medicine. Many of these questions are built around this concept of becoming an EHC by focusing on your personal 3 P Plan: Have a (1) Plan, based on (2) Preventative and (3) Personalized medicine. 

Providing the Personal Health Spending Reduction Tool & Plan is the realization of a dream for me as the founder of the Spend Less on Healthcare Foundation. Our not for profit was created to help Americans access quality care at an affordable price, and support Alzheimer’s Disease with any funds raised beyond covering the costs of operating our website. 

In fact, when you download and implement the Ten Free Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare offered through our non-profit foundation, you’ll get easy, practical tips to immediately start saving significant dollars for your family. Also, should you decide to accept our challenge to complete the Personal Spending Reduction Tool  (PHSRT), we can then identify if your family qualifies for the Foundation’s $5,000 annual savings guarantee or your money back.  That’s right, it’s guaranteed!